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Executive Webinar: How to put an end to your content chaos and improve staff efficiency

  • 1.  Executive Webinar: How to put an end to your content chaos and improve staff efficiency

    Posted 05-02-2018 12:41
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    After 12 years in business, we've noticed that many companies spend way too much time hunting for documents. In fact, 85% said it would make their job easier if they could quickly find and access the most current version of a document without having to worry about which system or repository it resides in.

    For businesses that rely heavily on data to operate, handling files can be made even more frustrating because of the industry standards and regulations.

    It's a fact -- the way you manage your documents plays an important role in defining the efficiency of your business, your grip on compliance and your control of costs.

    Join us at our Webinar on May 9th to learn about the world's first solution that guarantees your documents a better and more convenient life, no matter what system they live in, with more efficient processes from day one.

    2/3 of professionals say they find different versions of documents and files in different systems or locations. Don't be one of them!

    Attend our Webinar and discover:

    • The dangersof paper-based document management
    • How features like electronic document signing can enable seamless communicationof invoices or project contracts across departments
    • An integrated solutionto disconnected information silos that allows for increased collaboration
    • How changing your approach to quality and compliancecan create documentation consistency
    • The innovative new way to make sure your business is NEVER tethered to an information management system

    For details and to register, visit www.mxotech.com/Webinar

    George Mirov
    Client Services
    Chicago IL
    (312) 212-8091