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Webinar: How to improve the efficiency of your bidding & contract processes

  • 1.  Webinar: How to improve the efficiency of your bidding & contract processes

    Posted 06-14-2018 11:03
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    What would it mean to be able to produce bids more quickly? What if the billing closeout process was easier?

    After 12 years in business, we've seen that those in construction, architecture or engineering firms depend heavily on organized processes to meet goals. But if that workflow isn't reliable or involves paper processes, mistakes can be made and even worse, business can be lost.

    Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, June 27 from 10-11am CST to learn "How to improve the efficiency of your bidding and contract processes."

    We'll be presenting an integrated solution to fix those disconnected information silos. For example, supplier invoices in your accounting system can be connected to the project documentation in your ERP application and allow for increased communication throughout your organization and with external vendors.

    Attend the webinar and discover:

    • A central location for managing important information like CAD drawings or technical specifications
    • How automatic version control avoids overwriting conflicts and data loss
    • An innovative, integrated solution that eliminates paper dependencyand redundancy
    • How automated workflowsand electronic document signing can enable seamless communication for invoices and project contracts

    If your business could benefit from an instant, searchable repository of your most important information, then I urge you to attend this complimentary educational opportunity.

    For details and to register, visit www.mxotech.com/Webinar

    George Mirov
    Client Services
    Chicago IL
    (312) 212-8091